Is Marijuana illegal in Canada?

Marijuana Legal Views in 2016


Not all countries in the world legalized the use of marijuana. Some countries still classified it as an illegal substance, and once you are caught using it, you will be put in prison. If there is one country that accepts the usage of marijuana for medical reasons, it is Canada. This is one of the very first countries who has legalized marijuana only for medical use. The legalization was approved way back in 2001. It has been years now that this has been implemented.


With it’s legalization comes the emergence of dispensaries in Ottawa and across the country. These are shops wherein you can purchase marijuana illegally. However, it is tolerated. When one dispensary is brought to the court, no risk of getting convicted for doing an illegal activity. Why is this so? When a patient is given a signal from the clinic, marijuana will be sent through the mail. This is one of the reasons as to why dispensaries start to sprout in Canada. They can be divided into two. One is they operate with the use of a patient care model. Then, the other type is for recreational purposes. Older dispensaries are a bit strict they only serve to people who do have a medical documentation. Some dispensaries are more lax about their guidelines. A person can still get marijuana by presenting prescription bottles that are expired and years’ old.

Is it legal in Canada?

Yes, marijuana for medical use is legal in Canada. However, dispensaries selling them for recreational purposes is illegal. The thing is Toronto police are not giving this issue much of their attention. When there are complaints, they will attend to that. Dispensaries such as those in Ottawa that are selling medical marijuana are deemed illegal. There are more than 60 of them operating within Vancouver. How much more in the entire country? Yes, they are selling marijuana wide open. Between waiting for the marijuana coming from the clinic emailed to you and buying at a dispensary, the answer is obvious. For convenience sake, a person will purchase it straight from a dispensary. It would be easy to get marijuana this way. It can be helpful to those who can make use of this for medical purposes.


Bottom line, Canada made medical marijuana legal. This means a person can only purchase it straight from authorized places like the clinic. The entire process might be tedious compared to buying a dispensary. If you want to buy marijuana, it is all up to you where you want to get them. You can go to a clinic or go to the nearest dispensary. The choice is all up to you. Remember, you should be using it out of medical purposes and not for recreational. In this way, you are not disobeying the law.


You are still in line with its legality. This is for your peace of mind. However, if there will have complaints towards the dispensary or you, that’s where you should be careful about. The consequence might be a bit lax. But you do not want to go through all that, right? So, it does pay off to be on the safer side.